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Photo of scale model decal of various aircraft flown by Korean War Aces.

Microscale #72-244 1/72 Korean War Aces #2

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Microscale Decal #72-244. 1/72 scale. Decal with markings for various aircraft of Korean War Aces.
Markings include:
  • F-86E; 336 FIS, 'Angel Face and The Babes / The King', flown by Col. Baker
  • F-80C; 8 FBW, 36 FBS
  • P-51D; 12 FBS, 18 FBG, flown by Lt. Glessner
  • F4U-5N; VC 3, USS Princeton, flown by Lt. Boredelon

Microscale #72-244 1/72 Korean War Aces #2



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