Plastic model kits from various model manufacturers of non-military, civil aircraft and commercial airlines.
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Testors #915 1/48 1932 Howard Ike Racer
Our Price: $7.00

Testors Kit #915. 1/48 Scale. Testors issued this model kit of 1932 Thompson Trophy winner from original Hawk molds.

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Testors #914 1/48 1930 Laird Solution
Testors #914 1/48 1930 Laird Solution
Our Price: $9.00

Testors Kit #914. 1/48 Scale. Testors re-issued in the early 1990s from original Hawk molds of the first Thompson Trophy racer, Laird Solution flown by Charles 'Speed' Holman.

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Revell #4215 1/72 Junkers F-13 Lufthansa
Our Price: $18.00
Sale Price: $12.99
Savings: $5.01

Revell Kit #4215. 1/72 scale. Revell original issue of German post WWI all metal commercial aircraft, Junkers / Luft Hansa F-13. more info
Pavla #72019 1/72 Miles M.38 Messenger
Pavla #72019 1/72 Miles M.38 Messenger
Our Price: $18.00

Pavla Kit #72019. 1/72 scale. Pavla produced this short run model kit with vacuform canopy, resin parts and photo etch details. Only 21 units were ordered of the M.38 Messenger with one belonging to Marshall Montgomery. Markings for the kit include RAF RG333, Field Marshall Montgomery's a/c and a civilian version.
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AMT #T637 1/48 Lockheed Vega Airline Floatplane
Our Price: $18.00

Kit #T637. 1/48 scale. AMT original issue model kit from 1970 of 1930s Airline floatplane, Lockheed Vega. The Vega is a commercial version of the famous "Winnie Mae", flown by Wiley Post for an Around the World flight. Kit includes Pilot figure.
Markings include:
  • Alaska-Washington Airways
  • Alaska Coastal Airlines
  • Alaska Southern Airways
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AZ Model #7208 1/72 Let L-60 Brigadyr - Civilian Version
Our Price: $19.00

AZ Model Kit #7208. 1/72 scale. AZ Model produced this "Limited Edition", multi-media model kit of utility aircraft, Aero L-60 Brigadyr in 2008. Model kit also includes photo-etch, resin parts and photo-film. Markings include THREE aircraft: Air Ambulance, DDR and Czech Republic. more info
Minicraft #14587 1/144 USMC C-118 Liftmaster
Our Price: $19.00

Minicraft Kit #14587. 1/144 scale. Minicraft release of USMC military transport, C-118 based on DC-6. Nicely detailed model kit.
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Azur #A034 1/72 GAL ST-25 Monospar
Our Price: $19.00

Azur Model Kit #A034. 1/72 scale. Azur initial release of '30s monospar wing a/c, GAL ST-25. Primarily seen in England for private and corporate usage, it was also in service during Spanish Civil War. Model kit is a unique subject, only 30 parts plus cast resin parts for added detail. Kit features tail options for other versions; Universal and Jubilee. Markings include:
  • Jubilee; private
  • Universal; Spanish Republican AF
  • Universal; French AF
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Hasegawa #LC13 1/200 ANA Boeing 767
Our Price: $21.00

Hasegawa Kit #LC13. 1/200 scale. Hasegawa issue from early 1980s of All Nippon Airways Boeing 767. more info
Revell #04287 1:72 Do 228-212 LM Marine Patrol
Our Price: $31.00

Revell Kit #04287. 1:72 scale. Revell re-issued this model kit in 2009 of Marine Patrol plane, Do 228-212 LM. The unique aircraft uses a 'TNT' (New Technology Aerofoil) wing to reduce drag and improve lift and is devoid of rivets. Used to track environmental pollution at sea it has a SLAR - Side Looking Airborn Radar, Infra-Red Line Scanner and more! Markings include German Naval Aviation Command and Netherlands Coast Guard
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