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Shipping and Returns

$12.99 FLAT RATE SHIPPING on all U.S. orders!
So order all the kits you want! We've got you covered for $12.99!

FREE SHIPPING on U.S. orders over $200*!
*In-Stock Items total after any discounts.

All U.S. DECAL ORDERS ship for flat $4.99.

All U.S. AFTERMARKET (Resin/PE/Figures, etc.) ORDERS
ship for a flat $7.99.

All decals and aftermarket items ship at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE with any kit purchase
or "rare-planedetective" eBay auction win.


International Shipping & Packaging costs are based on size and weight of items ordered, once they are packaged. We can not determine shipping amount until after your order is pulled.

CANADA ORDERS: Please fill in $24.99 in the "shipping amount" as a place holder for Canada orders.
ALL OTHER INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Please fill in $34.99 in the "shipping amount" as a place holder all other international destinations.

We will refund and/or send you an invoice for the difference of the regular shipping & handling rate once we determine how much it will be. International shipping/handling rates include actual shipping costs and approximately $3 - $6 (depending on the size of the order) that covers shipping boxes, packaging materials (tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts/paper) and package person's time. On average, the Canadian $24.99 and International $34.99 shipping amounts shown above is approximately what two or three average size 1/48 kits (WWII Fighters for example) will cost to ship. Please feel free to inquire BEFORE ordering to ask what the approximate shipping total might be based on your order.

All Canada and International orders over 36" (length + width + depth) or four pounds MUST ship by Priority Mail International. Please be aware that for international decal orders, changes to USPS postal regulations early in 2013 now require that any rigid packaging, including envelopes, must ship at more expensive package rates. We ship ALL decal orders in bubble envelopes with heavy cardboard backing, to assure that your decal order arrives to you in the same condition that it leaves our warehouse. Please expect that most international decal orders will cost a minimum of $10 to ship.

Packages under 36" total inches (Length + Width + Depth) and/or 4 pounds and under may be shipped First Class Mail International or Priority Mail International. Packages over 36" total inches (Length + Width + Depth) and/or over 4 pounds MUST be shipped Priority Mail International.

Orders will be held for up to SEVEN DAYS to allow time for mailed payments to arrive. If payment is not received after one week, merchandise will be returned to stock with no further obligation by Rare-Plane Detective or the customer.Orders paid by check are shipped SEVEN - TEN DAYS after receipt of payment to allow time for check to clear.