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Box art of 1/72 scale Revell plastic model of Fw 200 Condor is climbing as the water is below.

Revell 04387 1/72 Fw 200 C-5 / C-8 Condor

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Kit #04387. 1/72 scale. Revell has released this scale model a few times over the years of this WWII German long range multi-purpose aircraft. This particular issue is from 2006 with all-new tooling and super decal. The surface detail is excellent along with interior detail.
Markings include:
  • C-5 Condor; 3./KG 40 (x3)
  • C-8 Condor; 3./KG 40, W.Nr. 0256
  • C-8 / U8 Condor; 3./KG 40, flown by Uffz. Gobel

Revell 04387 1/72 Fw 200 C-5 / C-8 Condor



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