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Get More Hobby For Your Money
Get More Hobby For Your Money
Get More Hobby For Your Money

Get More Hobby
For Your Money

The greatest name in old model kit resale.

Are you looking for an old model kit from the 60s or 70s? Maybe a recent hard-to-find kit that always seems to elude you? Perhaps the perfect decal sheet to finish your latest build or a detail set to turn your kit into a masterpiece ...then you've come to the right place!


35+ Years of service

Rare-Plane Detective has been the "Greatest Name in Selling and Buying Old Kits" for over 35 years! We strive for personalized customer service, careful packaging of your treasures and all at "affordable" pricing. We believe you should "Get More Hobby For Your Money®"

So click a few links and go exploring! We hope that you'll find something you just can't live without!

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Jeff Garrity, Rare-Plane Detective

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100% Satisfaction guaranteed

Rare-Plane Detective guarantees every purchase a customer makes from us... whether from the catalog, web site, show or eBay. After all, we want happy, satisfied customers! We instituted the following Satisfaction Guarantee in 1984, and we're proud to continue it today.

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