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Box art illustration of Atlantis version of H-25 / HUP-2 Helicopter plastic model kit with H-25 taking off from carrier deck with two soldiers in the foreground.

Atlantis #A502 1/48 H-25 Army Mule / HUP-2 Helicopter

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Atlantis Kit #A502. 1/48 scale. Atlantis obtained old Aurora molds of this 1950s U.S. Army H-25 / U.S. Navy HUP-2 and released in 2019. This hard-core workhorse... um, mule, had many utility uses along with rescue and transport. Easy build for a fun, weekend project with 17 parts.
Markings include:
  • US Army Aviation (x2)
  • USMC; MCAS, El Toro
  • USN; HU-2, USS Enterprise

Atlantis #A502 1/48 H-25 Army Mule / HUP-2 Helicopter



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