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Rare-Plane Detective guarantees every purchase a customer makes from us. After all, we want happy, satisfied customers! We instituted the following Satisfaction Guarantee in 1984, and we're proud to continue it today...

WHILE ALL NEW INVENTORY IS VISUALLY INSPECTED, because of the uncertain nature of buying and reselling pre-owned model kits from collections, no guarantee can be made that the kits are as complete or in as good a condition as they seem upon our initial examination. Our policy is to offer only kits that appear to have nothing wrong with them. Any known defect (missing decals or instructions, poor box condition, etc.) will be noted in the item description. Of course, due to the tremendous volume of kits we deal in (THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS), we cannot go through each kit and count each piece, there would be no time left to place on the website for you to purchase! Also remember that some of the boxes may have a certain amount of shelf wear or damage, but, unless noted, the kit is not affected. If, after ordering, a kit has a problem that we have not noted, please contact us and you will have the option of:

  • (1) replacement of missing/damaged parts (if available)
  • (2) a replacement kit (if available)
  • (3) a full or partial refund depending on whether you want to keep the item or not


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As the cost of the hobby keeps going up and up, it is our commitment to provide you with the best value and personalized customer service. We value your business and strive to keep our prices low and SAVE you money!

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