Anigrand #AA2092 1/72 Ilyushin IL-22

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Kit #AA2092. 1/72 scale. This is a highly-detailed resin kit of the Ilyushin Il-22 jet bomber, complete with decals.

In early 1946, the first Soviet designed jet engine, the Lyulka TR-1, was completed. Designed starting in 1944, well in advance of the capture of German turbojet technology, the TR-1 and its follow-on TR-1A were under-powered fuel-sucking failures. However, before this failure was recognized, the Soviets ordered the Ilyushin and Sukhoi design bureaus to come up with new bomber designs, built around four TR-1s. This resulted in the Il-22 and Su-10 bombers, both of which – designed after the fall of Nazi Germany – had a very “German” look to them. The Il-22 looked like an enlarged version of the four-engined Arado Ar-234, complete with an all-glass nose and four individually-mounted – rather than paired – jet engines. The Su-10, however, with two engines above the wings and two engines below, looked remarkably like a “Luft-46” concept jet, and it may well have been exactly that.

These two first-generation Soviet bombers were akin to the North American B-45 Tornado, which was blessed with marginally more effective engines and went into production.

The Il-22 prototype made its first flight in July 1947, a year after it was first ordered. The aircraft had docile handling characteristics, but was severely underpowered – its TR-1 engines produced just 80% of their designed thrust. Although, the Il-22 did fly over Tushino during the Aviation Day display in August 1947, the design was scrapped in favor of what eventually became the Il-28 Beagle bomber.

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