Anigrand #AA2091 1/72 Fokker V-8 Quintuplane

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Kit #AA2091. 1/72 scale. This is a highly-detailed resin kit of the prototype Fokker V-8 Quintuplane fighter, complete with decals.

In February 1917, the British Royal Naval Air Services’ incredibly-maneuverable Sopwith Triplane, based on the earlier Sopwith Pup, began to appear over the Western Front, and quickly proved itself superior to the German Albatros biplane fighters. Anthony Fokker responded by his first triplane fighting machine, the Fokker Dr.1 which he developed from the V-6 prototype, which looked like a cross between the triplane Dr. 1 and the world-beating biplane Fokker D.VII. Although the Dr.1 was considerably slower than contemporary Allied fighters, when compared to the Albatros and Pfalz fighters, the Fokker Triplane offered exceptional maneuverability. That maneuverability was greatly prized by German aces, including von Richthofen and Voss.

After the initial success of the Fokker Dr.1, Fokker proposed the five wing Fokker V-8 – a bizarre concept that horrified his superb designer, Reinhold Platz, and with good reason. The V-8 prototype was intended to prove Fokker’s concept. He believed that, with two additional wings, this plane would be more maneuverable than even the Dr. 1, but with a Mercedes engine, it would be much faster than the Fokker Triplane. After a series of design successes, including the Eindecker, the Dr. 1 and the D.VII, only flight tests could change Anthony Fokker’s mind.

As built, the Fokker V-8 had both an unstaggered equi-span triplane wing arrangement mounted at the nose of the plane, along with a pair of biplane wings mounted immediately aft of the pilot's cockpit. Unsure of what to call it, some described this aerial abortion as a quintuplane, while others referred to it as a tandem-wing aircraft.

Acting as his own test pilot, Anthony Fokker made two brief test flights before abandoning the idea. No flight test data for this type were recorded.

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