Anigrand #AA2075 1/72 Douglas XF6D-1 Missileer

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Kit #AA2075. 1/72 scale. This is a highly-detailed resin kit of the Douglas XF6D-1 Missileer, and comes complete with decals. While the Missileer was not produced, even in prototype form, the systems it required to succeed included the Grumman Hawkeye AWACS – which is still in service – as well as the TF-30 turbofan engine, along with radar systems and long-range missiles which lead to the development of the Phoenix missile system.

In 1957, the U.S. Navy – faced with the threat of Soviet attack bombers with high subsonic speeds and potential supersonic “dash” capabilities, and armed with strike missiles which might be nuclear-tipped – ordered development of a new-concept fleet defense fighter. This would be a large subsonic interceptor with a powerful radar, six-hour loiter time on station and very long range high speed air-to-air missiles. In 1958, Bendix and Grumman were selected as contractors for the AAM-N-10 Eagle missile. A year later the Douglas XF6D-1 Missileer design was chosen as the launch platform, and two prototypes were ordered. The XF6D-1 had a breakthrough Westinghouse AN/APQ-81 pulse-doppler radar system, the world’s first track-while-scan radar system designed for fighters. In 1960, the Navy became convinced that the XF6D-1 was too vulnerable as a fighter – helpless once it launched its missiles. The XF6D-1 and Eagle missiles were both canceled in December of 1960, before the plane was built and before any XAAM-N-10 prototypes could be tested.

However, the idea of a long-range fleet-defense interceptor was realized later with the F-14 Tomcat and the AAM-N-11/AIM-54 Phoenix missile.

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